Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Glasses Sleeve Tutorial

Based upon request, I decided to upload this tutorial here in the blog. This is a beginner's project as I am using only single crochet stitch. This project is good to exercise your hands to do single crochet. Believe me, the more you do one stitch, the more you will be familiar with the anatomy and maybe invent new ways to do it. Ok, let's begin.

We're going to make this sleeve usable for glasses, maybe mobile phones, or whatever. You can alter the sizing to fit whatever you want to put in there. :) I promise, it's very easy.

Materials needed:
1. Polyester yarns (available at KuCrochet Yarn Shop); this time I am using two colours: Latte and Hot Chocolate.
2. Crochet hook size 3/4, or 4/0 by Tulip Gold.
3. Two buttons
4. Scissors

1. Begin by chaining 40 OR do foundation single crochet (fsc) 40 times.

2. ch 1, turn your work, and begin sc on EVERY stitch on your chain OR foundation single crochet (fsc).

3. Continue sc on every stitches, until you have reached row 39.
4. On Row 40, sc on every stitch ONLY in the BACK LOOP. Here you will create a ribbing effect to start the lid of the sleeve.

5. Row 41: return to the usual sc on every stitches.
6. Row 47: continue sc but do not forget to make the button hole. So, sc on 10 first stitches, skip 3 sts, sc on 15 sts, skip 3 sts, sc on 10 last sts.
7. Row 48: sc on every stitch, and 3 sc on the chain-3 loops.
8. Continue to sc until Row 50. Fasten off.

9. FINISHING: Take one corner to start the border with PYS-Hot Chocolate. In this corner, you will insert sc 3 times in one stitch to form a CORNER. Continue sc on every stitches, until you reach another corner and repeat 3 sc on that stitch to make a corner.

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