Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Trellis Cowl Tutorial

Back again with a tutorial for you. :)
Nothing special, it's just something I whipped up a while ago, before leaving for my fieldwork. I figured the plane would be a bit chilly, so, I came up with the idea of this cowl. Simple, not so complicated, and very quick to work on. I spent 2 days only making this, in total, maybe 6 hours, 3 on each day.

Cowl juga dikenal sebagai INFINITY SCARF, yaitu scarf yang dijahit pada ujung2nya untuk menjadi lingkaran

Let's start now.

1. Katun Big Ply, not yet available on the shop, but will be soon. Keep updated! :) We might need 2-3 balls of this type of yarn.
2. Crochet hook 6/0, or 5/6 (use the 6/0 end!)
3. Scissors

Before we start, I suggest you to go ahead to youtube and find the foundation single crochet. I prefer this stitch, because it appears to be neater than starting off with chains. But, if you do not want to, or if it's too complicated, then chain is okay.

Secondly, we're going to do this project in rounds. Therefore it is faster to finish and easier to catch up with. You might also need a stitch marker to be placed in the beginning of each round, to remind you where the beginning of each round is. I do not, however, use stitch marker.

1.  Start with 230 fsc, or 230 chains. It will curl, so don't panic.

2. Join the end of the chain onto the first chain with a slip stitch. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TWIST THE CHAIN YOU MADE. And then ---- Chain 3, skip one stitch, 1dc, chain 1. Repeat this through the whole round.

3. To save your time, start hiding the tail you have at the beginning of your chain.

4. After finishing your 1dc, chain 1 series, slip stitch to the 2nd chain of the first chain 3.

5. Slip stitch again to the ch-1 space, and then chain 3.

6. Continue with 1 dc, chain 1 through all the spaces from previous round. Repeat step 4, until you have the thickness of cowl you want.

7. FINISHING: when you get to the LAST ROUND of your project, slip stitch to the 2nd chain of the beginning chain 3 on your LAST ROUND. Chain 1 and sc on EVERY STITCH from previous round to form the border. Fasten off and darn in the tail. :)

You're done! :)

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