Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Four Months Flashbacks

Halo, darlings. 
I am setting the slow motion phase for the shop lately, because I have so many pe er to do. Tsk! Yap, not fun. It is also not fun to deliver the news that certain yarns are out of stocks. In a day of a yarn seller, it calculates into half success and half disappointment. As a person who gets disappointed a lot, I do not like it that customers feel that way too. I did contacted our suppliers to immediately restock your favourite yarns, so no worries. In the mean time, I think (personally) it is the best time to re-evaluate the shop, re-calculate (don't worry, no price changes yet), restock, and rearrange management. Because I want the best for customers and the shop too.

It is a challenge to run a shop by myself, managing, and whatnot. I have been studying the topic of "creative business" on the internet and hell yeah, nothing is easy. But at least this time, my effort counts because I do it myself. As I have told you, this shop is very personal, combining things I have stumbled in my previous life that I don't like or disappointed at, and turning it into my system. During the past four years I have come to terms with a lot of dishonesty - and I hate dishonest things or dishonest people. I hate it even more when dishonest things happened in front of my eyes and I was not allowed to say it out loud or correct it because "it's the system". Therefore, I decided to get out of the system and make my own system. Burden comes in forms of responsibility to cater to customers' needs and I do not mind. I love my customers!! :)

So, to further cater your crochet needs, I need to:
1. Restock our catalogue
2. Enrich colour selections
3. Make and edit more tutorial videos
4. Get the custom order items ready
5. Refurbish the stationery
6. Launch the website, Goddangit! It's been too long. 

Our "coming soon" collection is Soft Cotton Big Ply. I will start with seven new colours and see where it takes us. If you darlings like it, I will stock more. :) When our website is up and running, you wouldn't need to text me and everlastingly ask "Is this yarn still in stock!?" Because you will be able to see the stocks by yourself at the web. It's easier, faster, and more satisfying for all of us.

KuCrochet Yarn Shop had had great beginning, darlings. 
Thank you to all of you.
May we have more great experiences along the way...
Hugs & Kisses,
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