Sunday, 9 November 2014

Granny Stripes, In the ROUND!

Hi, a wee post tonight. You see, after all of those pressure of making new items and all that, I did some scrying around the Pinterest and decided to go classic: granny stripes. I remembered Lucy from Attic24 did have a pattern of this particular motif and I decided to take a peek.

Lucy's website >> here.

But, I want to make it in the round, you know... like making a sleeve or something. So... I came up with this chart on Photoshop. Crap, not my best chart EVER -- and I probably made some mistakes there.... but, after testing it on actual yarn, I did make something right.

Still using the basic pattern from Lucy, I chain multiple of THREE as the beginning chain --- and did the rest of the basic pattern. At the end of the beginning chain, I put SIX double crochets in one chain to make a rounded corner. You see, the number six came up because I figured it has to be multiple of three to make it round. Afterward, I worked the basic pattern again, on the opposite side of the beginning chain. When I get to the beginning of the round, I added four more double crochets to make it six like the other end. Get it?

I am making another sleeve for 15 inches laptop, mine is Asus A46CM, you can Google the specs for this item too to get the exact sizing. I am using Polyester Yarn sold in KuCrochet Yarn Shop: PYS-17 and PYS-21, a 4/0 Tulip crochet hook, and a pair scissors is needed because we are going to change colour in EVERY round.

My basic materials

And here is the on-going pattern as it grows around:

I am planning to make a video tutorial on this item too, so don't worry about it. Keep checking back and I will update too! :)
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