Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Under the Weather

Good morning!
I have not been shooting new videos, writing on blogs, inventing mandala patterns, nor have I been very focused on the shop. Tsk. Why? I have been feeling a bit under the weather and there are plenty of mini projects that must be done. A friend of mine will be visiting from Paris and he has only about a month here. So, to keep up with my projects for him, I have to finish a neck warmer and two pairs of wrist warmers. When he gets back up north it'll be cold, and he need not to shop for warm clothing accessories, because I am endorsing him for free. By the way, my handmade stuff made it to Paris a few months back -- also endorsing the same guy. A set of warm beanie and very long scarf. I hope it has been useful. I have never received a pic of him wearing those, by the way. Hmm, must insist him to pose a selfie with my items. LOL.

In the meantime, I was juggling with my translation job for the past three weeks, and who knows translating documents can be quite challenging? LOL. But I love it. In the meantime (again), I didn't realise that the big ply cotton supply started running out. Shit. I made a restocking order as quickly as I can, but we are having some technical problems here. So, I have to put the sign up:


Oh what other project?
Hmm, I have an order placed for a market bag made from nylon. I started off the project fine, but again, I have to juggle with all other things. *chuckles*

I am still preparing the website to be up and running by the end of this month. Please be patient. This is a one woman mini business. Hihhihihi.... and still, 24 hours is NOT ENOUGH! Anyways, short post today, and I will get back finishing some orders of yarns that have not been finalised, and I will continue crocheting my mini projects.

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