Saturday, 13 December 2014

New Tool: Tunisian Hooks with Cables

how are you all doing in this windy and rainy December?
I am enjoying the days playing with my new tool, a set of Tunisian crochet hooks with cable. Love it! This hook is not ready stocked in my shop, but Indonesian customers who would like to buy can contact me for pre-order. Other countries can simply head to and find these hooks for orders.

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I am already using this hook (size 5.0 mm) to make one of my my 2015 projects, Beads of Sakura blanket. And it is AWESOME!! Nothing can tell me to stop chaining, because with this hook, I can chain any numbers I want. I am not really accustomed to use this type of hook, yet, and I do find some difficulties when it comes to dropping stitches on the backward pass of the row, because sometimes it gets tangled in the cable or stuck in the interchange of the hook. But, nothing can stop me from making the blanket. I just have to find a way to make it more simple and easy to use. It is a little bit different than using the traditional Tunisian hooks, indeed. Especially with the cable at the end of the hook.

At times, I figured out that your stitches must be very compact piling at the end of the cable, so it is easier for you to slid it off when doing backward pass. But, all in all, this hook has its perks. :)

A reminder, one more time: Indonesian customers who would like to purchase traditional Tunisian hook set and/or this cabled hook set, please contact me for 1 week pre-order, while stock lasts.

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