Crochet Tips

I am NOT a crochet expert in ANYWAY. But, I do, however, have several tips regarding crochet, based on my experience over the years:

1. Patience. 
I am not a patience person. For me crochet is a personal experience, and I am not a good teacher.  Crochet takes time and effort, so if you refuse to have both, then car racing might suits you better. Hahaha. No, seriously. As I said, I am NOT a patience person. But crochet taught me to shut up and stop whining and be patience... just a little bit. Hehehe.

2. Practice makes perfect.
 You know this one is NOT an old wives' tale... this is TRUE. There were times when I refused to try foundation single crochet because it looked soooooo difficult. But now, I do not want to do that classic usual common beginning chain anymore. I always want to do foundation single crochet whenever applicable. 

3. Do stay away from the scissors.
The temptation to cut and throw away the failed part of your crochet....? Yeah, that happens too. Try to stick to your project. Please.... they deserve to be finished and be beautiful! :)

4. Have faith in the pattern.
 Especially those who is working with doily patterns, namely me. LOL. There are times when the patterns get curly and not pretty as you thought it would, but you were just at round 10 from a 40 rounds pattern. Just shut up and continue the pattern, seriously. It will sort out itself. I have experienced this a couple of times, and thought the pattern is shit. But nope, I was wrong.... it was suppose to curl during THAT round and the next round will sort out itself. So, have faith in the pattern. Please.... you'll do the doily some justice to be pretty. 
5. Do not be tired or afraid of trial and error. 
Nobody can help you sort out which yarn you want to use but yourself. The key is to try various types of yarn to get your hands adjusted to the texture, the feel, the smoothness, the softness, the whatnot. I did this, and I have callous on my hands now. It takes time to be familiar with types of yarn and to find your own personal preferences. You do not have to always listen to what people prefer.... find your own preferences!

6. Do not be intimidated by pretty things posted by other people.
Instead, use them as inspirations. Whenever you see this type of picture over there, and you want to make the same item; most likely you will not, especially if you're a beginner (unless you're extremey experienced and having no problem on copying from just a photograph, which is cool somehow....). Not trying to discourage, but we have to accept that we don't have that type of yarn in Indonesia or other reasons. Thing is: we need to adjust. Find the pattern, and work through it. Results may vary. I did this too. It was in the beginning years of my crochet experience and browsed through Etsy and Pinterest like crazy and collected all the patterns and tried it with our local yarns. Not happening. Not even close. Moreover, I do not have the fund to buy imported yarns ---you know--- like the one they're using on those Pinterest posts or Youtube videos. This brings me to the next tips.

7. Modify!
Oh the power of modifications!! It emanates the meaning of having the pattern itself! Always look for the basic pattern, and modify through it. I do not know if you can do this as well to amigurumi, because I do not do amigurumi. But, I believe you can. I believe that crochet has no boundaries. 
8. Be Crazy, Be Inventive, Be your OWN style
Like I said, nobody is pushing you to use rayon for scarves, or big ply cotton for blankets. Everything is up to YOU. You're the artist! :) Be proud of the artist in you. Embrace it, love it, experience it! 
9. No pressure
Crochet is a healing process, it is suppose to give you a sense of calmness. No pressure. 

10. Plan ahead
If you want to make a baby blanket very near to its due date, it's up to you. Measure your ability. Don't blame the pattern, don't blame the yarn for being difficult. Seriously.
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